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about me

my name is brittani davis, i've been an esthetician in paso robles, ca for 16 years. everyone has a love/hate relationship with skin, primarily due to lack of education. educating my clients is number one priority. no two people are perfectly the same when it comes to skin, this is why customized treatments & daily care are so important for real results. my goal is for my clients to feel like they no longer "need" makeup.

my work with eyelash extensions is viewed the same way, no set is the exact same, nor does it look the same from person to person. i use several different lengths widths, styles, & curls to uniquely fit each woman's natural lash growth to enhance what they naturally have. lash health is top priority, then lifestyle & personal style is  considered there after. 

why herringbone?

herringbone is a unique pattern that originated being woven into clothing & blankets of all different colors, fabrics & textures. fabric clothes us, keeps us warm, protects us from the elements, defines our style, appearance & lifestyle... much like skin. being an esthetician, i see skin as our uniquely woven, beautiful pattern that keeps us warm, clothes us, protects us from the elements & allows us to express who we are. each person has their own individual chemical makeup that is unique & comes in all different colors & textures that are all uniquely woven to create, well... you.

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