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my specialities


includes consult. please arrive 10 minutes prior to appointment for paperwork

all facials start at $200 & include a 10-15 min Celluma LED therapy

here's what I offer, but mostly I'm here to guide you to get the best results possible,

as quickly as possible

pca skin chemical peels

(includes aftercare kit)

these blended & enhanced jessners & tca peels offer a series of corrective benefits targeting multiple skin concerns at once! improving lines, laxity, discoloration, redness, acne, scaring, & texture. 

this is the best option for all skin types with little to no down time!

60 min

the double oxy peel

targets aging & acne by increasing circulation & cell turn over. this treatment brightens by oxygenating & resurfacing the skin while being antibacterial. little to no downtime...unless you 

60 min

add retinol peel $50

this retinol peel will leave you feeling no discomfort...but you must expect heavy sloughing of dead skin for up to 7 days post.

i need it all

this magical treatment includes:


jet plasma w/LED light therapy

topped with a peel

finished with a custom face & neck mask

your skin will never be better.

$500 ($200 savings) | 60 min

dermaplaning: (no downtime)

manually removes the dead epidermis layer & vellus hair leaving the skins texture physically & visibly smooth allowing the skin to absorb product 10x better. will end facial with relaxing customized mask.

60 min

add any peel $50

jet plasma

this zero downtime face lifting, line smoothing, acne fighting, pigment lightening, scar minimizing treatment is amazing for all skin types! offering dramatic results with just one session. this painless device uses cool atmospheric plasma to deliver extreme collagen stimulation in the subcutaneous tissue that slows collagen production as we age, targeting turkey neck, jowls, saggy undereyes & eyelids! this treatment opens up channels allowing optimal product absorption.


this treatment is $300 per session | 60 min


includes face, neck, & chest. doing a series close together at first is optimal.


(2x per week for the recommended sessions your individual needs are)


if paid upfront there is a bit of savings...


4 sessions ($1,100) save $100

6 sessions ($1,600) save $200

8 sessions ($2,100) save $300


add peel for optimal results  $100 

steam & cream

while a pampering spa facial is wonderful & relaxing, I don't do these traditional european facials often...but they are offered...includes:


steamy double cleanse

extractions if needed

lavender towels


led light therapy 10 min

appropriate mask 10 min

moisturizer & spf 

$150 | 60 min




outside of panties

$30+ | 15 min


$25 | 15 min


brow & lip

$30 | 15 min


shoulder to fingers

$45 | 30 min

full leg

foot to just before bikini line

$70 | 45 min

half leg

foot to above the knee

$45 | 30 min

men's back

hairline to just below belt line

$55 | 30 min

mens ears

inside & on lobe

$15 | 15 min


everything including the tush. smooth as a seal 😉

$70 | 30 min

brow, lip & chin

$35 | 15 min


$10 | 15 min

full face

includes brows, lip, chin, cheeks/sideburns

$45 | 15 min


$10 | 15 min

men's chest & stomach

neck line to just below belt line

$55 | 30 min


inside the nostrils

$15 | 15 min


$30 | 15 min



lash extensions are for the purpose of enhancing the length, curl, & thickness of your natural lashes. this makes your day to day life easier for the "woke up like this!" look.

I offer classic, hybrid, volume, mega volume to those who it applies. your natural lashes determine what they can handle, then we can talk about your preference.

full set appointments (includes lash shampoo)

$225 | 90 min

3 week fills


2 week fills


4 week fills

$110 (don't recommend)

add LED light to chest during appointment $10

*price subject to change due to state of lashes at fill appointments

*all fills 45 min

jet plasma

*a pain free facelift with zero downtime!

jet plasma is a new, innovative, progressive, and non-invasive energy treatment for improving skin laxity and reducing wrinkles. it is particularly effective at improving skin texture and smoothing crepey skin. for best results, treatments may be done 48 hours apart, or longer if your schedule requires it, but the closer together the initial treatments are performed, the better results you can expect.

this extremely powerful device penetrates 13,000 volts of plasma through the epidermis, into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin, stimulating high levels of collagen production and remodeling the cellular structure from the inside out. when Jet Plasma is mixed with oxide oxygen, ozone is created which kills surface bacteria, and is anti-inflammatory. this aids in calming keratosis, eczema and rosacea.

for 12-24 hours please do not apply anything to your skin. do not workout, sauna, swim, apply makeup, products or sunscreen. because the channels of the skin are extremely open, not only will your skin absorb the amazing products I use, but it will absorb bacteria that could be introduced through any of the above. following a minimum of 12 hours, you may resume your normal routine, being sure to apply sunscreen daily post 24 hour window.

3 sessions recommended for best results to start:

*60 min appointments

Face/neck $300 per session

Neck/chest $300 per session 

Tummy $350+ per session

Above knees $350+ per session 

(the more you buy, the more you save)

*Session Packages:

4 $1,100

6 $1,600

8 $2,100 

**for more extreme cases, a max of 8 sessions

every 48 hours will give you best/fastest results!

Then requires 8 week break

lamination & tint

brow lamination - a process in which a brow specialist softens the hair follicle using a chemical solution & then re-shapes, or sets, it into a more refined, lifted, smoother shape.

brow wax & lamination

$80 | 45 min

brow wax & lamination & tint

$100 | 60 min

brow wax & tint

$50 | 30 min

products used: brow down, brow code, elleebana, just the strip

Jet Plasma
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